Vacancy zine

Society6とのコラボレーションアートブック第4弾目 ポストカード仕様の300冊発刊の限定版ザイン“Vacancy” zine掲載用のイラスト制作・コラボレートを行いました。

“VACANCY”zine is available as a limited edition of 300.
This collectible art book features a set of 16 glue bound postcards ready to tear and share.
Published by Society6 in 2013. 32 pages (16 postcards), 5in x 8in.

features artwork from 16 artists curated from over 2000 applicants:

Aaron Cahill (aka NGHBRS), Bene Rohlmann, Douglas Hale, Eric Petersen,
Hiroshi Yoshida, Jacques Maes, Jamie Gee,Lala Gallardo, Lorin Brown, Martin Orza,
Matthew Goik, Maude Cournoyer, Neil Leverett (aka Lev Man), Norman Duenas, Tom Kitchen, Tracey Slater

Client: Society6
Date: 2013/08/13